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You have arrived, TimePlan's online resource centre for teachers.

You should find plenty here to interest you! Just select from the drop-down menus above.

Resources - provides useful links to websites for all subject areas.
UK Information - where you can teach in the UK.
UK Education - comprehensive information about the British Education System, including information about the National Curriculum.
Professional - information about educational organisations and unions.
News - providing useful links, so that you can find out more about current educational issues in the UK.
Job Tips - for the Newly Qualified Teacher and teachers applying for new positions.
Extras - Useful website links. From banking to journey planners. You can also choose an e-card to send to a friend.

Resource Ideas and Events

Resources for Teachers on ebay
Search on ebay for teaching resources. There are some great bargins. This week you can buy flash cards, books, games and stickers from just 99p.

Teachers TV
Welcome to Teachers' TV, the new TV channel for everyone who works in schools. It is an innovative TV channel which will enable teachers and schools to learn by sharing practical ideas and information.
Visit the Teachers TV website for full details and listings.

BBC Africa Lives Season
A large number of creative resources for you to use in the classroom. Click through to the Africa Lives on the BBC website for more information.
The BBC is looking for 1000 UK schools to twin with schools in Africa. Interested? Visit BBC World Class Africa.

Theatre Tickets for Teachers
Join the Teachers Preview Club and buy tickets for more than 100 London productions at seriously low prices. The Teachers Preview Club is an initiative of the Mousetrap Foundation, which also offers a number of other schemes for teachers and students. For further information and contact details click on the following link The Mousetrap Foundation, or simply email

Free Film Guide
Look Again! from the British Film Institute is aimed at teaches of children aged 3-11. A resource guide which is packed full of activities that can be used to teach children about film and television. Download more information from the British Film Institute Website

Learning Together Pack
A free pack for parents and teachers from Learning through Landscapes the National School Grounds Charity.

Free art and craft kits for Primary Schools
Exchange star tokens from Percil packets to get free art kits for schools.
Visit for more information.

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